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Tech Innovation To Solve EV Challenges

Author: Upwallstreet | June 14, 2024 02:36pm

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) got the lead on the EV front as a pioneer with Elon Musk’s visionary leadership. But regulatory challenges, competition and an unfavorable macroeconomic environment made the ambitious Tesla focus on making an affordable vehicle while autonomous driving remains work in progress. Tesla aims to build its more cost-effective next-generation EV at its new factory in Mexico. 

Meanwhile, an Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) company just revealed its solution to an EV challenge and Worksport Ltd. (NASDAQ:WKSP) just got recognized as innovator for its contribution to the automotive sector as it’s about to release the Alpha launch of its eagerly anticipated solar-powered accessories for pickups.

Intel To Lower Costs Of EV Making And Boost EV Performance

Intel just presented a new SOC solution that promises to accelerate EV innovation. The groundbreaking OLEA U310 SoC streamlines e-motor technology, lowering EV design and manufacturing costs. With today’s lunch from Silicon Mobility, an Intel Company, the new OLEA U310 system-on-chip (SoC) promises to enhance the efficiency of the existing battery technology through energy savings at the vehicle level. First for the industry, this next generation technology also promises to improve overall EV performance along with streamlining design and production.

Buffalo Business First Awards Worksport As Innovator Of The Year

Worksport just got rewarded as innovator of the year for its pioneering advancement in the automotive sector. The Alpha launch of Worksport’s  SOLIS solar-powered truck bed cover and COR portable battery system is expected as early as this summer. SOLIS will be the first-to-market solar-integrated tonneau cover, reflecting Worksport’s innovative edge. Along with the COR, Worksport is bringing a game-changing power duo to the industry, promising off-grid power on the go. Tapping into the multibillion-dollar market, the SOLIS cover is expected to be compatible with Ford Motor (NYSE:F) F-Series, General Motor (NYSE:GM)-owned Chevrolet Silverado, and Stellantis (NYSE:STLA) Ram pickups, providing options for partnership with Tesla as well. On the other hand, the COR will be offered to all consumers, independently of pickups, as anyone will be able to use it, anywhere, to power almost anything. Therefore, Worksport’s pitch goes beyond building a battery that will extend a pickups’ range, easing the EV range anxiety, but it promises to craft outdoor experiences like no other. 

2024 - A Year Of EV Innovation

2023 was the year of the electric pickup, with Tesla’s eagerly anticipated Cybertruck finally hitting the road. In May, GM and Ford showed that, thanks to electric pickups and SUV, they managed to refute the EV slowdown. This year, Worksport promises to revolutionize the automotive accessory market with its integrated solar technology for pickups and Intel is set to accelerate EV innovation.

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