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Get Ready For CS2: Valve's Upcoming 'Counter-Strike' Release Date Announced

Author: Franca Quarneti | September 23, 2023 01:29pm

This week, Valve shared a hint on the social media platform X, suggesting the release of "Counter-Strike 2" on Sept. 27.

"What are you doing next Wednesday?," the official CS2 account wrote.

The new game will replace "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" (CS:GO) and introduce significant changes, including improved visuals, movement, network enhancements and more.

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CS2 will continue the free-to-play model of CS:GO, monetizing the game through cosmetic items. Players can trade these cosmetics for Steam balance, and some rare skins can be quite valuable.

Valve is maintaining the "Prime Status Upgrade" feature from CS:GO in CS2, which ensures that "Prime Status" players are matched with each other and have access to exclusive in-game items.

This feature costs $14.99 and requires a valid phone number linked to a Steam account. Although it helps deter cheaters, it's not foolproof.

Valve is also upgrading its anti-cheat system (Valve Anti-Cheat or VAC) in CS2 with live bans to further combat cheating.

In addition to these new features, Valve has also promised tick-rate-independent gameplay, which means that, regardless of the tick rate, a player's movements and shooting will be equally responsive, and grenades will always land in the same way.

One crucial announcement that has caught the attention of players is that all of their CS:GO items will carry over to CS2. This means that players will not have to start from scratch when transitioning to the new game.

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Photo: Rokas Tenys on Shutterstock.