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Next-Gen Cannabis Inhalation Experience, Powered By $50M Investment And Cutting-Edge Research

Author: Joana Scopel | May 25, 2023 09:54pm

OOKA, a pioneering lifestyle and tech-driven company that make inhalation devices has introduced the remarkable OOKA Sense Station, a one-of-a-kind consumption ecosystem. This revolutionary device is complemented by seven9's premium cannabis pods, representing the first of many collaborative efforts between these synergistic brands.

Their shared focus is on enhancing social consumption traditions by providing cleaner and smoother inhalation methods for modern consumers.

“We believe OOKA’s and seven9’s take on socially-focused cannabis experiences is unlike any other, and perfectly matched with our mission to provide a broad spectrum of curated, modern inhalation experiences to consumers,” said Robert Sindelar, chief product officer of seven9.

Paul Dawson, OOKA's chief product officer, stated: “We started OOKA with the idea to design one device that offers a clean, adaptable experience to an age-old ritual—but what our friends at seven9 created ended up being so much more.”

A Revolutionary Social, Sessionable & Smooth Experience

Dawson's two decades of experience in global product development for Dyson consumer products culminate in OOKA. This luxury multi-user consumption device, with a unique mouthpiece and hose, evokes traditional shareable rituals. Backed by four years of research and significant investment, OOKA features innovative technologies for a purer inhalation process compared to common vape hardware.

  • Each seven9 pod for OOKA contains a microchip that transfers product-specific data, enabling pre-programmed temperature activation for consistent draws.
  • OOKA provides a streamlined and user-friendly inhalation experience, designed for up to four people and pausable for later use.
  • Recyclable pods are intuitively dosed, ensuring ease of use and featuring flavorful and complementary ingredients.


Image by OOKA

OOKA is now available for purchase online and at select retail partners in California. "Californians also have access to seven9’s debut line of cannabis pods through seven9’s direct-to-consumer site, which also carries tea-based pods, with plans to expand into more verticals including CBD in the near future," per a release.

Photo: Courtesy Of DESIGNECOLOGIST On Unsplash



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