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Meet The Man Who Lives In An Old Boeing 727 For $517 A Month: 'It's Just A Happier Place To Live'

Author: Bibhu Pattnaik | March 22, 2023 02:29pm

This story is part of a new series of features on the subject of success, Benzinga Inspire.

Occasionally, people to have unconventional goals in life, and it can be inspiring to see someone pursue those dreams. However, Bruce Campbell, the Portland, Oregon native and electrical engineer, had a particularly unique vision for what he wanted. 

Since he was a teenager, he had dreamed of living in a plane and pursued that passion to turn his vision into a reality. 

In 1999, he fulfilled his dream by buying an abandoned aircraft sitting idle in Greece for $100,000. Campbell also paid $25,800 for 10 acres of land in Hillsboro, a suburb of Portland, Oregon to park the aircraft. The plane was flown from Greece to Oregon.

The Boeing 727 200-passenger jetliner was once operated by Olympics Airways, founded in 1957 by Aristotle Onassis. The plane was 1,066 square feet and weighed around 70,000 pounds, as reported by CNBC. 

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"When you live in a structure like this, you feel a little more fulfilled with your life," CNBC quoted him saying. "And if you're an engineer, scientist, or anyone who appreciates the elegance and beauty of aerospace technology, it's just a happier place to live."

Campbell spent almost $15,000 to convert the plane into a home. According to the report, he spends around $370 a month, which includes $220 monthly in property taxes and between $100 to $250 on electricity per month. 

"I have no regrets about pursuing this vision. In my experience with my guests, I believe that humanity will embrace this vision wholeheartedly in enough proportion that we can utilize every jetliner which retires from service," Campbell said.

Campbell spends his days working on old computer systems and splits his time between the U.S. and Japan. He hopes he will have a plane in Japan too.

"It's intended to put a home which I love in a land I love and with people I love," he says, adding, "If I can simply regain my youth, everything will be fine."

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